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Micro Business for Teens by Carol Topp, CPA.

College Alternatives, Part 2: Entrepreneurship, Apprenticeships, and Guilds

The last College Alternatives post focused on the skilled trades, such as machinist, electrician, arborist, and others. Since college has been pushed as a primary option for most students, there has been a labor shortage in many of the trades,...

The skilled trades are an excellent college alternative.

College Alternatives, Part 1: Skilled Trades

After the last two posts on financial aid, there were a few private comments about how hard it can be for a student to qualify for some types of aid. Honestly, it is easier now than it has ever been. There...

Persuasive Essay Writing: Teach It With Models

Benjamin Franklin learned to write better by studying, copying, and re-writing articles from The Spectator, a high-quality magazine of his day. His writing, seen in his autobiography and other work, bears witness to the skill he gained. Learning to write...

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