Create A Place of Quietness in your Day

Do you ever feel overwhelmed when there is noise and hubbub all day long? It can be hard to avoid when you have children home all the time. One of the things I did with my boys was to create quiet spaces in our day. I always tried to begin the day before anyone else got up. I’d take time over coffee and breakfast to read a chapter or two of the Bible, then look at my list of priorities for the day.

After the boys got up and we did school, we’d have an afternoon Quiet Time. It lasted for various amounts of time, depending upon their ages, but the important thing was that each person had a separate place to be, and there was nothing noisy happening in the house. Not even good noise like music! Each boy could read, write, color, nap, even play Legos or Knex, as long as he was silent. During that hour or whatever time we spent, our spirits were refreshed, and we grew ready to cope with the rest of the day.

After the boys went to bed, there was a final quiet time in which Donald and I would sit in the sunroom and read the newspaper or a book, I’d make my list for the next day, and we would sometimes visit quietly. It was a delightful way to wrap up our long day!

I hope that you have quiet spaces planned into your life for the next school year. It’s amazing what can happen in quiet moments! I’ve attached a handout from a recent conference where I spoke on “Making Time for Things That Matter.” It has a number of good quotes on quietness, as well as a few other helpful things. I hope you enjoy it!


“Now I begin to feel that all that is important comes in quietness and waiting; and that activity should be only the working out, the digesting and putting forth of what one learned, so that one may become empty again to receive more.” Rodney Collin

…in quietness and confidence shall be your strength.” Isaiah 30:15

Note: I have been trying to find out the artist and the name of the painting above. I initially thought it must be a Vermeer, or possibly a Rembrandt, but haven’t been able to find it in any of the sources I have. If you know, please leave a comment and let me know so that I can properly attribute it. Thank you!


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  1. Anne Elliott says:

    Great post, Janice! I have a question. What locations in your house did you use for the afternoon quiet time? I have six children and only 2 children’s bedrooms, so I struggle with where we can all go for quiet.


    • All our boys shared a room in the early years so we had to be creative as well. Everyone had a designated spot. One liked a cozy spot behind a living room chair, another got their bedroom, one went into our room, and one had a corner in the dining room. Something cushy to cuddle on is the basic necessity, and a good light if they’re going to read. Other possibilities include a spot in a walk-in closet or even under a desk (my guys always enjoyed “caves”). Have fun!

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