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Add a Microbusiness to Your Teen’s Curriculum!

Consider a microbusiness for your teen Once your students hit the teen years, chances are that they are looking forward to relevant, real-world applications for what they are learning. Many of them will have a hobby that they can, with...

Homeschool high school scheduling; some non-traditional options.

High School Scheduling — Some Non-Traditional Options

High school scheduling for homeschoolers When was the last time you thought about the best way to schedule your school days? Six subjects, one hour each per day, five days a week — ho hum. Maybe it’s time to ask some questions...

High School Requirements: The Wrong Question?

As you consider whether or how to homeschool through high school, there are a few major questions that may crop up. One of the first questions I often hear is about “high school requirements.” Parents wonder how many years of...

Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paperwork

High School Transcripts — Frequently Asked Questions

Creating a high school transcript is easier than it looks, but there are a few transcript questions that tend to recur like dandelions in springtime. The beginning of the spring semester seems a good time to review a couple of...

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